The Spotify app is any media used to stream music from the streaming service. No matter where you want to use Spotify — a suitable app is available. You can stream music directly on Windows, Linux, or macOS computers. Alternatively, there is a web player was bedeutet monatliche hörer auf spotify for browsers. Moreover, you can also use Spotify on mobile platforms like Android, Amazon Fire Tablets, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, as all relevant platforms are supported in the mobile sector.

Various Smart TVs also received apps from manufacturers such as Philips, Sony, and LG. You will find suitable applications if you have a PS3, PS4, or Xbox One. And even language assistants like Google Home and Alexa have long known Spotify. Set-top boxes with Google TV operating system or from Amazon (Fire TV) are suitable, as well as mobile companions such as Samsung Gear Fit and other wearables with Android Wear. These guys don’t ever give up, do they?

Furthermore, you can use Spotify in the car, for example, in Volvos, Teslas, Minis, Jaguar, BMWs, or Land Rovers. Many other modern vehicles are supported thanks to Android Auto and CarPlay interfaces. And with all sorts of audio products from Samsung, Yamaha, Onkyo, or Bose, access to your music is also possible.