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Warmth Accumulation Fireboard instructions Vitcas ACC

High thickness ceramic fire boards for heat build up and storage. An easy task to fix without wiring or framework. These types of fireboards can become used around fireplaces and stoves simply because well as within them. vitcas cement piling up boards can get rid of overheating within the rooWhen it comes to fire safety plus heat resistance, Vitcas stands apart as the trusted name, providing a wide selection of premium products designed to fulfill the demands of different applications. From Vitcas Fire Cement to Vitcas Heat Tolerant Plaster, explore typically the diverse lineup regarding solutions engineered in order to provide durability, reliability, and peace regarding mind.

Vitcas Flames Cement is actually a functional and robust product or service renowned because of its extraordinary performance in high-temperature environments. Well suited for fixing fireplaces, flues, and even boilers, Vitcas Fire Cement offers superb adhesion and temperature resistance, ensuring durable results that withstand the test regarding time.

For projects requiring heat-resistant plaster, Vitcas Heat Resistant Plast typer is the best choice. Designed to withstand temperatures upward to 650�C, this plaster supplies a soft and durable finish off suitable for employ in areas revealed to heat, for example around fireplaces plus stoves.

When that comes to creating or renovating fireplaces and kilns, Vitcas Fire Bricks present superior heat weight and durability. Built from high-quality refractory materials, these stones provide reliable insulation and protection against higher temperatures, ensuring the protection and efficiency of your respective heating appliances. meters, returning the temperature gradually over period.


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