Spotify is a digital music service that allows you to listen to millions of songs streaming on different devices. It works on computers, smartphones, tablets, smart tv, consoles, and cars. The worldwide success of this application is linked to several factors. The first is that it contains saves spotify kopen music from any genre and era, including the hits of the moment. The second is that you can use Spotify for free.

The user is not required to buy a song or subscribe but can immediately access and listen to the music they want for free. The only drawback is that without the paid subscription, there is no access to some functions, and advertising may appear between songs.The application swept away the competition in a few years and became the reference platform for listening to music online. The company earns through advertising and subscriptions.

Spotify mission statement is to help humanity unlock its creativity by giving artists a platform to showcase their arts and the audience an opportunity to be inspired and enjoy the creative artist. We’ve put together everything you should know about the music streaming platform. Stay tuned!