Not all straighteners are made for all hair types and if you have thick, curly hair then you need a model that is able to reach full power. Cheap hair straighteners won’t last at all if they have to work on your hair type, often burning out and causing damage to your locks at the same time.

Discount straighteners aren’t trustworthy styling tools for thick or curly hair. These fail to reach high temperatures needed to style this hair texture, and provide Curly hair types poor heat distribution which often leads to frizz, dryness and brittle strands…not to mention hair damage. Since curly hair is more susceptible to dryness, you will be putting your locks at risk by using a straightener bought at bargain prices.

Curly hair is dryer than most hair types because the sebum produced in the scalp isn’t able to travel all the way down the twists and turns of the hair shaft. This can pose a problem since the obvious solution would be to avoid anything and everything that aggravates the dry condition of your hair, and that means no heat styling tools. But you can’t always live with a thick curly mess on top of your head! Sometimes it’s good to flaunt sleek, polished locks every now and again. Now what kind of straightener can help you with that without damaging your locks?

Choose a straightener that is designed to work with your hair type and texture. It’s no use buying a thin model made for fine hair when your own locks are thick and curled. Get one that has wide plates made of pure ceramic or tourmaline (or both). Why these materials? Well, ceramic is globally recognized as one of the safest styling materials. It can produce a healthy, evenly distributed heat that locks in essential moisture by sealing the cuticles, relaxing the hair shaft and gently styling the strands, increasing shine. Tourmaline doesn’t fall far behind, providing negative ions to style your hair in half the time, thus preventing heat exposure. These negative ions eliminate frizz by neutralizing the positive ions that cause static electricity, and further promotes shine.