Discover great mascara tips to help achieve longer fuller eyelashes while keeping your lashes healthy and hydrated. Learn how to curl your lashes for maximum results as well as many other great tips you may never have heard of before.Almost any women will tell you that having long full gorgeous eyelashes evokes a feeling of confidence and added sex appeal.Make sure premade lash fans you get the curler as close to the lash base as possible and while gently squeezing move the curler in an outward direction from the lash base.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have them though but we can all do a few things to greatly improve our lash appearance. Below are some tips on how that you can start doing today that will make your eyelashes instantly appear longer thicker and rejuvenated.Lash growth direction can be a problem that’s easily corrected and will provide instant results. When you align all your lashes through the use of a curler it will dramatically change your lashes making them appear thicker overall.Always remember some basic care tips for maintaining healthy strong lashes. Proper removal of any mascara daily is essential to overall lash heath. You don’t want to be a one hit wonder with these great tips and end up with damaged eyelashes by failing to do so.

Aside from these tips if you suffer from thinning lashes or have already experienced damage you still have several great options available to have those fabulous lashes you want. False lashes are a great quick fix especially if you have a special event and want to look you best or just want to kick up that sex appeal for your man. Nothing says sexy like long lushes lashes believe me he’ll notice.Lastly you can recover your natural lashes with the use of eyelash growth stimulators. When applied these products actually stimulate the lash hair follicle itself encouraging faster growth and replenishment.