Although tanks are filled every six months during maintenance, the rate at which cars use AdBlue varies depending on how economically they are driven, engine size and overall/average mileage. The average adblue BMW consumption of AdBlue is about one liter per 1,000 km but can reach up to one liter every 550 km. This means that fleet drivers who use the road more will need a better understanding of AdBlue than the standard driver.But do not panic because all vehicles with this system have a warning system in the dashboard that will inform you when it is necessary to fill the AdBlue tank. It also monitors the level of AdBlue in the tank. And if the tank is empty, the engine will not start!

It is recommended that refills are provided by specialized technicians. If you choose to refuel, do not allow the fluid to come into contact with the skin and be careful to avoid any spills as this may damage the paintwork of the car. If this happens, clean the area where you spilled the AdBlue and if necessary wash the area with water. If spilled on clothing and hands, just rinse thoroughly with clean water.Regular refueling of your AdBlue guarantees both a more environmental and efficient driving experience. If you have a fleet of diesel vehicles that require AdBlue, you can set Frotcom to trigger the AdBlue low-level alarm.