Animal print shirts can be tracked right back to be able to the Caveman days. Which right�our prehistoric forefathers were wearing pet prints a long time before leopard print became the fashion staple. Actually gifts for teenagers have found proof of animal styles on clothing internet dating back to ten, 000 BC. It’s believed that early on man wore these kinds of prints in order to camouflage themselves from their food.

Over time, dog prints began in order to accept an extra symbolic meaning. With regard to example, in aged Egypt, leopard cases were often worn by priests and priestesses as some sort of sign of their particular power and reputation. In native North american cultures, aIn this particular blog post, we’ll explore the history and evolution regarding animal print tshirts. We’ll trace their own origins back to be able to the early days of mankind and comply with their journey through the centuries. Along the way, we’ll see how animal print out shirts have been worn by every person from royalty in order to Hollywood celebrities. And so grab your leopard print shirt and even let’s get began! nimal prints were used as part of ceremonial dress and have been thought to possess magical powers.